Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Walk in The Word: God's Story of Redemption

Bible Study 2/8/10
Reading Passages: Job, chapters 1-42; Psalm 19: Psalm 29

Ever lost your job without warning, had someone close to you killed in an accident, or diagnosed with a long-term illness? It's so easy to wonder why these things are allowed to happen. The book of Job can provide a great deal of comfort to anyone going through hard times such as these. Here are a few things that Job can teach us about suffering :

Some suffering is caused by Satan – In chapters 1 & 2, we learn that God was not the cause of Job's problems. Satan caused his pain and infliction, but only within the boundaries set by God.

Suffering is not always a result of sin – Job was found to be “blameless, upright, fearing God, and turning away from evil” (1:1).

God is never totally silent – In chapters 26, 33 & 37, we are reminded that God is always at work. Even though He may seem silent, we can still find evidence of Him in the splendor of nature all around us.

Some advice can do more harm than good – Job's friends were classic examples of people who delivered bad advice, with good intentions. In the beginning, they were overcome with grief, but later added to Job's pain with their continuous accusations.

Suffering can be used for God's glory – In Job's case, God used a time of great pain in order to win a major victory over Satan. Satan was certain that Job would curse God during hardship, but Job's faith did not waiver.

In the end, the greatest lesson to be learned is that we may not know the reason for the different types of hardships that we go through in life, but we are to keep our trust in a Sovereign God. All suffering, no matter how difficult, will end for those who are found righteous.

By His Grace,
Deanna Crist

“Don't forget in the darkness what you have learned in the light.”- Unknown

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