Thursday, February 4, 2010


The US Embassy is calling for a change in the wording in the legal guardianship decrees in Uganda. At this time, the US Embassy will not issue Immigrant Visas for children seeking to come to the US under a legal guardianship until this wording has been changed. Our attorney is diligently working to find out if the High Court judges would be willing to change the language used in the legal guardianship decrees. The decrees need to specifically state the judges’ awareness of the family’s intentions to adopt the Ugandan child or children in the US and that the judges understand the child or children will obtain dual citizenship in Uganda and in the US. He is specifically asking these questions on behalf of Lifeline families. Similar problems have arisen at the US Embassy in Uganda in the past and have been resolved successfully in a matter of weeks. Our attorney is hopeful that the current situation will be resolved in a timely manner as well. We will continue to update with timely and accurate updates.

Claire Davis
International Social Worker

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sara said...

Thanks for the timely updates! We truly appreciate the work you are doing on our behalf!!