Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Love of God

A song writer states, "If I say I love Jesus, but you can't see my Jesus. My words are empty, if they can't see Jesus in me. No more excuses I give myself away, because I may be the only Jesus they see." As a disciples of God, we have been commissioned to go out into the world and draw men unto God. The disciples were advised to go into homes and spread the gospel, but if they were not received then they should shake off the dust that is under their feet (Mark 6:11). What about when individuals enter your home? The love of God should be so evident in the home, that each person that enters will leave with some knowledge of God. If someone enters a home where food is cooking, when they leave the scent gets on their clothing. That is how the love of God must be displayed in the home, it should be able to saturate the spirits of the lost, of the broken, and those who have voids in their lives. The staff at LLV has been given the awesome responsibility of ministering to the hearts, minds, and souls of those who are weary, lost, and wounded . Each day and each resident present new challenges, but with God as our guide victory is always the outcome.

As we continue in our ministry, we must always remember not to become weary in our well doing. All will not receive what is being offered immediately, but by faith we must know a seed has been planted and will take root.

Kesha Franklin
Lifeline Village Coordinator

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