Thursday, October 28, 2010

Partners of Lifeline

Earlier in the year, I was thrilled to receive a call from Nancy Ryan, Chairperson of The Optimist Club of Birmingham. Nancy learned of Lifeline’s ministry from a former intern, who thought the Optimists would be great partners with us. Since then, Nancy and The Optimist Club have embraced our foster families in a number of ways. Lifeline has been chosen as a recipient of one of their programs called “Kards for Kids”, which benefits foster youth living locally. Through the program, gift cards are given to foster children at Christmas time and awareness and support of foster care and adoption are raised. Donors are needed for the program.

To round out the year, The Optimist Club is also providing a place and volunteers for an evening of respite for our foster families. I thank the Lord for servants like these who are willing to give of their time and energy to support and refresh foster families. Because of partnerships like this one, we are able to offer our foster parents and children the support they need and deserve!

Traci Newell
Education Coordinator

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Psalm 27:1

I came across a thought provoking and action taking devotional – The devotional is written by Max Lucado and the title of this particular devotional is The Voice of Adventure. The verse that is chosen is: Psalm 27:1 – “The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear?”

Jesus says the options are clear. On one side there is the voice of safety. You can build a fire in the hearth, stay inside and stay warm and dry for what you don’t try, right? You can’t fall if you don’t take a stand, right? You can’t lose your balance if you never climb, right? So don’t try it. Take the safe route.

Or you can hear the voice of adventure – God’s adventure. Instead of building a fire in your hearth, build a fire in your heart. Follow God’s impulses. Adopt the child…make a difference.

Max Lucado mentions other things in this devotional that are considered following your heart, but his point is “Is there a fire in your heart? What can you do to step out into God’s adventure for your life?”

Below are some new waiting children from Taiwan – prayerfully consider if you or someone you know might be the perfect parent(s) for one of these precious children that are desperately seeking that someone to make a difference in their life!

Join me in prayer for these children and for a family for each of them!

Taiwan Waiting Children – Please pray for these children to find their forever family!

1.Ting – female – Date of Birth – December 21, 2008
22 months
This sweet little girl has a lot of potential and has already stolen my heart! She has almost the same name as my daughter adopted from Cathwel in August of 2007 and some of the same special needs as well. Ting has been diagnosed with infantile hemiplegia and unspecified developmental delays. Her birth mother was a substance addict but Ting was developing and learning to walk and talk. She suffered severe injury in the spring of 2010 through child abuse by her birth mother. Ting was hospitalized from May 2010 – July 8th 2010. She now resides at the Jonah House (Cathwel Services). She has made great progress since her hospitalization but she really needs a family to love her and to help her to grow and learn. Please contact me at for more information regarding Ting – There are photos, video and documents available for any family that is interested in her possible adoption process.

2.Ya-Ling – female – Date of Birth – July 26, 2005
5 years
Ya-Ling is an adorable five-year-old who resides with a foster family until her adoptive family finds her. She has good physical health according to an exam dated November 2009. She was diagnosed as mild intellectual ability/developmental delay. She has had an unstable lifestyle until her current placement in foster care in February 2009. She receives speech therapy one a week. This precious little girl is in need of a family to call her own and to love her and care for her. There are photos, one video and many documents available for any family that is interested in her possible adoption. Please contact me at

3.An-An – male – Date of Birth – September 29, 2005
5 years
This adorable little boy was born prematurely and has already been in three foster homes since his birth. His birth mother is an AIDS carrier and drug abuser. An-An was suspected of being an AIDS baby but after follow-up tests and the final test completed on February 1, 2007 it was with negative result. The Health Department closed his case regarding any AIDS. An-An has a brother that was adopted domestically and also a brother that was adopted by a Swedish family in 2009. An-An received laser treatment and follow-up for retinal detachment and now has normal result. He is wears glasses to correct his vision and receives speech therapy and cognitive therapy. In August of 2009 it was determined through a developmental assessment that he could attend a regular kindergarten and did not need extra training since that point. He needs his family to love him and care for him. If you might be interested in his adoption please contact There are photos and documents available.

4.Po-Yen – male – Date of Birth – September 14, 2001
9 years
Po-Yen is a very adorable boy that needs to find a forever family. He is listed as a waiting child due to his age of 9-years-old. He has been diagnosed with ADHD and is taking Concerta every day. He has had a very sad life – His parents divorced and then his mother was incapable of raising him. He moved to stay with his birth father. His birth father was then placed in jail and Po-Yen stayed with a foster family. His birth father died and then his uncle became his legal guardian. He began to live with his uncle and family but the uncle has decided that he should be placed for international adoption since his family does not want him living with them. The uncle changed his mind once about the child being adopted but then threatened Po-An with having to move away if he did not behave. In March 2010 the uncle made a firm decision for adoption placement and hopes that he would find a family so he would have a stable and happy life. This young boy is very adorable and does well in school in spite of his dysfunctional life and living arrangements. There are photos and many documents available – please contact for more information

Other children currently on waiting list for adoption from Taiwan –
Please contact for more information on any of these children and to view photos and documents!

5.Yen – male – Date of Birth – September 15, 2007
3 years
Diagnosis of cerebral palsy – many photos and documents available! Please contact

6.Tai – male – Date of Birth – January 13, 2002
8 years
Older child

7.Ling – female – Date of Birth – October 10, 2002
8 years
Older child; slight developmental delay; strabismus8.

8.Will – male – Date of Birth – November 29, 2004
5 years
hearing issues; wears hearing aid; living at Jonah House since 11.28.2005

9.Chih – male – Date of Birth – May 11, 2002
8 years
Older child

10.Jung –male – Date of Birth - March 25, 2003
7 years
Older child; epilepsy

11.Sibling group – Michael – male – Date of Birth – January 1, 2000
10 years
Older child; sibling group; Hep. C

Christopher – male – Date of Birth – May 28, 2005
5 years
Sibling group; Hep C

May the Lord bless you and keep you and may you follow the fire that the Lord lights in your heart for where He has called you to make a difference,

Stephanie Carpenter

International Adoption Specialist and very proud parent of 2 special needs daughters adopted via international adoption and waiting to travel for number 3 (Russia, Taiwan and Philippines)