Monday, February 8, 2010


UGANDA NOTICE - 2/8/2010

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Lifeline is committed to provide timely and accurate information to all of our families in regard to the current situation in Uganda.

In response to the concerns of the United States Embassy in Kampala, the High Court of Uganda has decided to suspend issuing court dates for legal guardianship cases until a resolution can be made between the Consular’s Office and the Government of Uganda on the intent of Legal Guardianship. While this will delay the process of prospective families who are attempting to secure a court date, it does not signal that the process has stymied. The position of the High Court is that time should not be wasted on issuing new legal guardianship cases for which the Embassy might not issue visas. Lifeline’s advocate in Uganda continues to feel strongly that the opinion of the High Court towards the legal guardianship decrees should not conflict with the standards put into place by the United States government and that this miscommunication of intent should clear in the near term.

Lifeline seeks the best interest of all orphaned children in Uganda and around the world. For this process to be completed, it is essential that governments have an adequate and clear plan. We pray that this delay will both strengthen and ultimately sustain a relationship between the countries of Uganda and the United States of America for the betterment of legitimate orphans. This process should provide necessary safeguards for the protection of children.

Lifeline is continuing to monitor the solution, but also realizes that it may take some time for things to resume.
In the meantime, commit to pray for the orphans of Uganda, the people of Uganda, and for God’s glory to be made know in this central African nation.


Claire Davis
International Social Worker

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