Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Prayer for Peace

It is a privilege to serve families waiting in the domestic adoption program at Lifeline. Over and over our staff sees how God has called families to adopt and count it a joy to be part of this journey of faith. Having been adopted as an infant - more years ago than I want to admit - I have a real appreciation, respect, and love for families that totally embrace a child not of their own “biology”. Let me share a recent personal story that reminded me of the special love that occurs in adopted families:

Recently as my oldest child has started looking at colleges, I have had some sad moments thinking about her leaving home. I talked to my parents about this and we reminisced about the day they dropped me off at college. My parents recalled how hard it was to drive away from my dorm and that they had to stop by the side of the road because they were crying so much and would miss me terribly. I had never heard that story but I was struck at how much my parents have always loved me and how the depth of their love totally compares with the love and emotional connection that I have with my biological children. All these years later that still matters to me!

The Lifeline staff is praying for you as you wait for the child God has in mind for your family. May God grant you a true peace.

Margo Harwell
Domestic Supervisor

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