Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Walk in The Word: God's Story of Redemption

Bible Study 1/25/10
Reading Passages: Genesis, chapters 30-50

In biblical times, a person's character was often identified with their name. For instance, Jacob's name meant "deceiver" and he was truly a man of deception. He had deceived both his twin brother Esau, and father Isaac, out of the family birthright (chapter 27). After doing so, he was forced to leave town, fearful of being killed by his brother. Twenty years later, in a nighttime encounter with God, Jacob was given a new name, Israel, meaning "he struggles with God." This new name was given because of his victories from prior struggles: with his brother (ch. 25-27), father (ch. 27), uncle (ch. 29-31), wives (ch. 30), and with God at Peniel (32:28).

Many other people were blessed with new names, given by God, to reflect their new identities: Abram became Abraham, Saul became known as Paul, and Simon to Peter. In Revelation 3:12, Jesus tells us that once we enter heaven, that we too, will be given new names. No longer will I be known as Deanna, wretched sinner, but I will be given a new identity, a new body, a new name! Jesus Christ, the holy and perfect Son of God, will write HIS name on US. This new name will reflect His character and will identify us as belonging to Him! make Him Lord of your life. That's a big word, if, and our eternity is dependent upon our decision to accept, or reject, Jesus Christ as Lord of our lives.

Thank God today for his goodness and grace. He is giving YOU the opportunity for a new name - will you accept?

Praying the SON shines on you today!

Deanna Crist

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