Thursday, August 19, 2010

Worth the Wait

Ok, I’m just going to say it. I’m going to be confessional and admit it right here on this Christian blog.. I HATE WAITING!!! I know, I know.. that’s not very spiritual of me but it’s the truth! I mean is there anything more intolerable than having to stand around completely dependant on someone else to get you what you need? Sure, maybe its okay when you are a baby and don’t know any better. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons God allows us not to remember anything in those early years.. to keep us from blowing a gasket from all the waiting (think diapers)! Is anyone with me.. or am I the only one who struggles with waiting? And just so you know, I hate all forms of waiting. I will flat out tell you.. I think when I go to the grocery store there is a conspiracy against me. No matter what line I get into you can bet it will end up being the “slow” line. If you ever see me in a store just pick another register and watch how fast you will move.

I am going to say something else about waiting. I hope this will not offend anyone but as long as we are being honest I am going to get it all off of my chest. When I have to wait (often), the last thing I want to hear (often) is a spiritual pep talk about the virtues of patience. I know that patience is a virtue. I know that God is working these delays for my good and His Glory. I know God loves me and sees my circumstance. I get it, I really do. I’m even telling these things to myself while I wait three hours to get my car tags. But sometimes I just don’t want to hear the patience sermon from a well meaning friend (that I know suffers with road rage himself).

So, that’s what I have loved about all these “Adoption Reunions” Lifeline has been doing this month (St. Louis two weeks ago, Birmingham this past week, and Spokane, Washington this coming weekend). Wait a second.. What does patience have to do with our Adoption Reunions? Well, since you asked.. Imagine with me an Adoption Reunion in a large banquet room completely packed out with hundreds of adoptive families.. a good number of them are in the adoptive process, but most families have already been through the adoption process and they are home with their child or children. And today, these families have brought by the hundreds, their little joyful (full of energy).. adoptive kiddos. Each of these incredible, beautiful children are a billboard that says, “You will not wait forever” “After the wilderness.. the Promiseland” “I was worth every moment you had to wait” I love it! Because, like most of our families in the process, I need to SEE this truth much more than I need to hear it.

So thank you Lifeline families for bringing your adoptive kids to our Reunions the past two weeks (and for the hundreds who will be in Spokane this weekend). This past weekend I sat in awe watching and listening to your children smile, laugh, sing, shout, giggle, whisper in your ear, tug on your arm, and give you hugs and kisses. But I also realize, while all that was going on, your kids were quietly preaching a message to all of our families still in the process.. You won’t wait forever! After the wilderness.. the Promiseland! Your child will be worth every moment you had to wait! Thanks kids!!!

Rich blessings, peace, and yes.. patience to each of you. Joy is coming in the morning!
Dave Wood
International Director

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