Monday, August 16, 2010

Beautiful Scars

‘Beautiful Scars” – Waiting Children that are available immediately

Please join me in prayer for children that need a family. There are so many children that are in need that I ask myself how will I choose a few children to specifically advocate for in this post. I just received a new sibling group to advocate for from Bulgaria and also some updated information on a precious little boy in Bulgaria.

I am also listing some information on a sibling group from Taiwan, a precious little boy from Taiwan and also a beautiful little girl that is waiting for her family in Taiwan! I have attached information only about these children. If you would like more information and/or photos please contact me and I will be blessed to provide that. If you would hear of anyone that might be sensing that Lord is calling them to adopt these precious children please pass along my email and/or phone number.

Please join me in prayer for them to find their forever families and for the Lord to draw their family to these children. I have seen the Lord move in mighty ways for His precious children. The Lord has moved in mighty ways to draw my husband and myself to our precious daughters and I have seen the Lord move in similar ways for many other families. The Lord loves these children more than I could ever know and/or understand.

I keep thinking about the song that Steven Curtis Chapman sings called, “ Beautiful Scars”. If you have never heard the song you need to listen to it and listen to it with a heart and ears focused on the precious orphans that desperately long for a family.

We can save them one child at a time - actually it is the Lord that saves them but He calls us to be the voice for the voiceless. I am humbled and honored to be the voice for these precious children! Join me in being their voice and in being their prayer warriors!

May the Lord bless you and your family!

In Christ,
Stephanie Carpenter
International Social Worker


Sibling group
Girl: N #902, 6 years old
Boy: A #900, 5 years old

This sister and brother are available immediately for adoption from Bulgaria. They must be adopted together. They are a sweet sibling group that so deserves the love of a family all their own. Please pray for them to find their family.

N is six years old and is beautiful. She has dark brown hair and a smile to light up a room. She was born prematurely and was treated with oxygen for two days. She is physically developing normally and only lags behind mildly in her neuro-psychical development. She plays with other children and can understand concepts such as yesterday and tomorrow. She visibly corresponds to her calendar age. She has a well-developed imagination and participates in organized activities. She can care for herself with respect to getting dressed and using the bathroom. Her emotional tonus is positive. She can hold a pencil correctly and supports and helps another child. She is a lovely little girl. Please pray for her.

A is five years old and very adorable. He has dark brown hair and brown eyes. When he was born he had respiratory distress. He has been diagnosed with being prematurely born third degree; ROP (retinopathy of the prematurely born) – Atrophy of the optical nerve and Aberrant cord in the left chamber. He lags behind in his physical development and in his psycho-motor development. He does run well and can go up and down the stairs. He can throw and catch a ball. He can carry out one step instructions and can say his name and the names of the other children. He is able to stop inappropriate behavior with a reminder or two. He can express his emotions with the adequate expressions of the face. He falls asleep easily and his sleep is calm. He can care for himself and get dressed and use the bathroom. He shows interest in his environment. This little boy deserves the love of a family. Please pray for him.


Boy: I # 626, 4 years old

Last updated June 28, 2010 from the Ministry of Justice in Sophia, Bulgaria

He is developing normally for a child his age. He is in good general condition. He was diagnosed in at birth with congenital hydrocephalus but according to his latest update he does not need additional medical care. He has speech that is consistent with his age. He seeks to rejoice in the presence of the adults close to him and he also enters into active connection and relation with them. He has interest in being with other children and this makes him happy. He has built up emotional-social relationship with those who are around him. He regularly goes to kindergarten. He is a sweet little boy that deserves a family to love him.

Taiwan- Waiting Child

Date of birth: November 29, 2004
Lived at the orphanage since November 28, 2005
Special need: hearing loss/ hearing aids

He is receiving speech therapy and it is believed that he will make great progress with teaching and learning. He loves going on outings and is thrilled when the caregiver gives him positive responses. He is potty trained. His favorite toys are blocks, cars and drawing. He sleeps well and likes all kinds of food. He attempts to play with his peer cooperatively.

We have medical records, history, and social history available for interested families.

Date of Birth: October 10, 2002
Six years old and soon turning seven

She is a beautiful little girl that needs a family to love her and cherish her. She is doing well but has a slight developmental delay. We have a short video available of her doing school work and she is just as cute as can be!

Taiwan- Waiting Child

Sibling group
Brothers – must be adopted together
Boy: date of Birth January 1, 2000 – 10 years old
Boy: date of Birth- May 28, 2005 – 5 years old

Special Need: Both brothers have been diagnosed with Hepatitis C

Sibling, older child

Brother 1 has been in a foster family since June 1, 2007. If he can’t fall asleep he plays with stuffed toys or reads to fall asleep. His schoolteachers say he is a trusted child and he is a good helper and responsible. He has a talent for assembling toys and fixing things. He is good at sports and he is good at basketball. The average of his schoolwork for the year was 87.2 out of 100.

Brother 2 has been in a foster family since November 17, 2006. He is a considerate child and likes to help others. He likes to help the teacher and classmates at school. He likes toy cars and those that make siren sounds. He likes to complete tasks on his own and asks for help if he is unable. His gross motor development is within normal development.

Please contact either myself at the above listed email address or feel free to call the Lifeline Children’s Services main number - 205.972.8479 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 205.972.8479 end_of_the_skype_highlighting for more information regarding these precious children or other children that are currently waiting!

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