Monday, June 14, 2010

This is Joy.

June 1st, Lifeline hosted its 5th Annual Celebrity Golf Classic where we raised funds to care for a birth mother, bring home a child, and feed an orphan for life. Everything from the breathtaking course & wonderful steak dinner, to the great prizes and entertainment will not soon be forgotten!

It was a few of the smaller, more "subtle" aspects of the event, however, which are of monumental value. I am referring to the precious children, loved and embraced by families who are now honored to call them sons and daughters. There were many adopted children present at the tournament last Tuesday, and I would like to share a moment from the golf tournament, which may have been quiet & behind the scenes, but its impact will last forever.

Sweet Lia Faith & Lily Grace, daughters Mr. & Mrs. Green adopted from China giggled and played as their adoring parents offered support wherever needed. They were a constant reminder to golfers and volunteers alike of why we were all there that day. After the tournament, I received an e-mail from Mr. Green in which he shared this:

"Lia Faith tells us often that she loves her family and then she names each one. Then she says, "I love myself, too!" She knows she was once alone, so that she could now say she 'loves herself' shows great confidence as she grows into this new little person, complete and full of grace and mercy from the Giver of all good things!"

Some words are too pointed not to share directly. The need is great, and we have the ability to pray, to give, or to go. As I reflect on the Golf Tournament and other avenues where we come together to raise support for the sake of a child, I celebrate.

We come together and golf for children like Lia Faith and Lily Grace. Seek where the Lord would have you invest your resources, time, and passion. When you give, it's a reflection of your heart. To spend time meditating on and working diligently so that His little ones find hope; this is joy.

Krisha Yanko
Development and Marketing Coordinator

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