Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Responding to God's Call

Life is funny! At least for me, it never seems to work out exactly like the plans I set forth! I have a feeling that this is true for most people. In fact, many families that decide to adopt never planned to adopt. Because of various circumstances and/or a call that God puts on their life, they find themselves pursuing an adoption. A call to adopt is a precious thing. It does not mean the process will be easy, but it does mean a family is responding to the Lord and risking themselves emotionally, financially, and in other ways to answer that call. It takes courage to enter the unknown and sometimes confusing world of adoption to be obedient to this call. It takes perseverance to manage all the details and issues that arise during the process of waiting for your child and keeping your home study current! There are many days that are discouraging and heart-wrenching. However, the Lord gives us strength to follow-through on what he has called us to do. God has not promised us that we will have the easiest path, but he does promise He will be with us along the way. The staff at Lifeline prays for waiting families by name. We know you and care about you and also understand that the process and wait can be tedious and frustrating. But we also know that meeting your child--the child God is calling you toward--will be worth the wait.

God bless,
Margo Harwell
Supervisor of Domestic Social Services

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