Wednesday, June 23, 2010

An Introduction

My name is Laura Hausen, and I am a new International Social Worker for Lifeline. I recently graduated from the University of Alabama with my Master’s in Social Work. I have been with the agency just 4 weeks, so I thought it most appropriate to write about the way in which the Lord has lead me to this agency, and how He has been working in my heart over the past several years of my life.

I guess I should start with how I chose social work as a profession. I attended Samford University as an undergraduate to pursue a degree in Psychology, with the hopes of one day becoming a Clinical Psychologist. In my last semester of school, the Lord began to press upon my heart the field of social work. I had never considered this profession before; however, the social workers’ proactive approach to service was becoming increasingly appealing to me. So, I began to research and pray. Perhaps the most important thing I discovered was the theological implications woven into the very foundation of the social work profession. What I found is that these professionals unconditionally serve and advocate on behalf of those in need. This is so closely tied to the example Christ set for us. And isn’t this the mission of the church? Isn’t this our purpose as believers? At this point of realization, I was sold; social work was the career for me.

After graduating from Samford, I began pursuing a Master’s in Social Work from the University of Alabama. I knew going into the program that I had an interest in the field of adoption and foster care, and so I chose my concentration accordingly- children and their families. I also knew from the beginning that I wanted to use my social work degree in a ministry capacity. Over the two years I spent at Alabama, the Lord increasingly affirmed my decision to pursue a ministry driven child placing agency, and so I set my sights on Lifeline Children Services. It is no secret that this agency is a wonderful outlet for ministry. I was also familiar with Lifeline’s foundational beliefs, and knew how closely they resembled my own. I was sold on the agency, its purpose, and its ministry. However, I had to find a way to make the agency sold on me. After a series of interviews, and much prayer, I was offered a job here at Lifeline- the day before my graduation.

As I previously mentioned, I was brought on board as an International Social Worker, and I will be heading up the new Haiti program. I really could not be more thrilled about this opportunity! I work with quite possibly the best staff imaginable doing a job that I love. I am certainly thankful for the Lord’s guidance in getting me here.

Laura Hausen
International Social Worker

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