Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lunch with Lifeline

Tomorrow, Lifeline will be hosting our first Facebook event, Lunch with Lifeline! This event will be an informal discussion with some of our International Social Workers and myself. As Lifeline’s International Director, I would like to extend a personal invitation to you to attend this event. So whether you are considering adoption for the first time, or if you are at a later stage of the adoption journey, please post your questions. I believe that our Lifeline families can benefit from these written discussions on Facebook as they see questions get answered that are probably also on their mind.

Here is all you have to do... Tomorrow, simply go to Lifeline Children’s Services’ Facebook page between 12 and 1 central time and post your adoption questions. This will be a very informal time to chat with our staff about anything on your mind, in regard to all aspects of international adoption. I want everyone to feel welcome to bring their concerns and questions about adoption to the “lunch” table.

In closing, I would like to personally ask for you to partner with me in two things. First, realize this is all new to us. Our intent is to assist families and have a casual, safe setting to ask anything (there are no “dumb” questions). As we learn how to maximize this communication tool we will get better at effectively addressing the topics most important to our families. So, for tomorrow, please be patient and bear with us as we host this event and work out any kinks in this new medium of communication for Lifeline. And second, please attend this event, feel free to invite a friend, and ask me any question that you have. I am confident that over the summer this forum will grow and we may not be able to easily get to all the questions. On our first time out, this should not be an issue as many of our families are still learning that we will be offering this once a month service. Our desire is to offer “Lunch with Lifeline” once a month, so please have some fun with us tomorrow for our inaugural run!

International adoption can be confusing and intimidating, but Lifeline would like to be there for you to address any fears or concerns that you may have from the very beginning to the conclusion of your adoption journey. Thank you for your continuous support of our agency and our ministry to families like you.

May God be glorified in all that we do!

Dave Wood
International Director

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