Monday, June 28, 2010

Stocking Stuffer

Traditions have always been important to me. I enjoy things like going to the lake on Memorial Day and the 4th of July, having macaroni and cheese at both Christmas and Thanksgiving, and unpacking Christmas decorations on Thanksgiving after all the festivities and cleaning are done. But one of the best traditions happens on December 20. Don't go checking your calendars... there is most likely nothing there. This is my "got me day" (or to my parents "gotcha day"). On this day, almost 3 months after I was born, my parents met me for the first time. This happened here, in the Lifeline office, and ironically in the same room that I sit and work in every day.

Now I sit in the same room writing this blog.

I had spent the three months between my birthday and my "got me day" in an infant care provider home. For "got me day", the sweet couple made my mom and dad a stocking since it was so close to Christmas. They decorated the stocking with a snowman, a Christmas tree, and my parents' names. I laid in Lifeline's office, in a white bassinet, stuffed in a stocking until my parents came to meet me and bring me home.

Now the tradition begins!

Ever since that day, every December 20, my parents put me back in the same stocking to see how much I have grown. I have to say... I have not grown any taller in the past few years, but still--the tradition continues.

I am so glad it does!

In looking back, I can see how this small tradition always reminded me that I was adopted. Hearing the story of “got me day” and celebrating it, helped ensure this wasn’t a subject to hide, but to celebrate, rejoice and share with others. I feel like as an adopted child, it is good to celebrate the day that God made you a family. Little traditions like this help remind us of the thin threads God has in our lives and the blessings He has given to us. God made us a family almost 26 years ago, and I am sure on December 20th, new pictures will be taken of me with my feet in a stocking.

Marie Collier
Administrative Assistant

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