Thursday, May 3, 2012

Colombia Accreditation Status

Lifeline  is more than excited to announce its newest program in Colombia!! This is going to be an amazing program. Colombia currently has over 11,000 children waiting for adoption, and Lifeline has what we believe to be the best on-the-ground team to assist in the adoption process and advocate for our families. We look forward to providing International Adoptions Services in Colombia. The resolution of accreditation is on its way at this time!

Families adopting from
Colombia can adopt children with special characteristics. Children with special characteristics include:  
1) older children, at least age 7 years old or older, 2) sibling groups, and 3) children of all ages that have one or more medical or special needs.
The Colombian adoption process takes an estimated time of 18 to 24 months for children with special characteristics. This is from the time your application is approved through the time of travel. Please remember that this is an estimated time.
Colombia requires that those seeking to adopt be between the ages of 25 and up and Colombia requires that married applicants are married for a minimum of three years. Single women may also adopt from Colombia.
When a family travels, the expected stay in-country is approximately 4-7 weeks. Both parents must be willing and able to stay the entire time if necessary, but one parent may return to the states during the process after the first few weeks if approved. The length of in-country stay will depend on the originating city of the child.
The estimated total cost of a Colombian adoption right now is around $27,600. We have done our best to provide an all-inclusive figure for our families. We also assist in providing families with information on  scholarships and grant programs that are available. If families are concerned about the cost, they can also contact their accountant to get information on the Adoption Tax Credit.
Colombia is a great country to adopt from for the following reasons: It is a “Hague-certified” program; there is high quality orphanage care; they provide detailed medical and developmental information on available children; children who wait receive counseling and advocacy services;  there is a well established government child welfare agency  that oversees the “transition” process; and children are able to reside with the adoptive parents throughout the family’s stay in-country.
The country of Colombia has many children in need of loving, permanent homes. If God calls you to embark on this journey, it would be our joy to partner with you!

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The Rylands Family said...

Praising the Lord for this Beth! Can't wait to assist families with their Colombian adoptions!
Angie Rylands
SC State Director
Lifeline Children's Services

Mike and Leslie said...

What great news!!