Friday, May 11, 2012

Will you do it?

God is always loving, pursuing, and speaking! 

And we, most of us anyway.. Are on the move, running and multitasking.

Progressively it has become more difficult to slow down and listen to His still, quiet, Voice. The Voice that spoke creation into being.  The Voice who proclaims, "This one belongs to me", when the Evil One comes as an accuser.

Distractions.. They are layered about everywhere. And in there midst of this confusing, often chaotic life, God has not abandoned us. He is here.. He is still loving, pursuing.. And speaking.

He whispers as if His Voice were in the wind. With love and truth He says, "I am the least of these.. Do you see me?"  "I am the one on the street corner holding the sign and I wait in the line at the downtown mission.. Look through the clothes, the beard, the stench.. Thats me in there!"

I am the orphan who stands and looks at you with a dazed stare. Thats what hopelessness does to innocence."  I mumble, "Daddy" as I walk toward you with my hand out.. Its only a whisper. "Do you hear me?"

In that glance.. This in this moment.. The distractions subside enough for you to hear me say, "Be still and know that I am God!"

Will you do it?

Dave Wood, International Director

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