Friday, March 16, 2012

An Unexpected Gift

I am sometimes caught off guard by the grace extended to me by my own children.  Recently, when I realized I had been a bit harsh with my eleven year-old over some minor offense, I returned to her room to ask for her forgiveness.  Her response was unexpectedly gracious and convicting.  After I issued my apology, she, without hesitating, said “Of course I forgive you.  There’s no way that I won’t forgive you after Jesus forgave me!”   To put this into perspective, this came from the same little girl who, almost nine years ago, entered our lives through the foster care system.  At that time, I suppose there was a part of me that believed we were a gift to her.  However, watching God shape her heart and character has been the true gift of her adoption. 

Traci Newell, Education Coordinator

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