Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Christmas Eve is one of my favorite days. My parents host an open house for our family, friends, and neighbors . . . well known as the "taco party". Pounds of meat, crockpots of cheese dip, tons of crispy corn shells and other miscellaneous treats and toppings await our guests. It is a sweet time of catching up with folks, watching kiddos play, and simply being together. It is a little bit of chaos but truly something special.

We do not send formal invitations to the taco party; our guests know they can bring along anyone they wish. Every year, same time, same place. . . and it is always a delight to see who stops by. Pictures are made, stories are told, and love and laughter are all around.

It makes me think of the many invitations God has for us. He invites us to come to Him. To accept forgiveness, To allow Him to make us new and whole. . . He invites us to know Him in the deepest places of our being- hurt, shame, healing, and hope . . . He is always present and all around us, and He is constantly inviting us. . . be with Me. rest in Me. know Me. love Me. tell Me. believe in Me. follow Me.

Feel Him near you this Christmas. Holidays can be bitter sweet- a great time to be together but also a reminder of people or things that may be absent from our lives. Even if God seems so far away. . . follow that distant star to the stable of new life. Come to Him empty so you can be filled. Come to Him broken so you can be healed. Come to Him hurting so you can be comforted. Come to Him grateful so you can celebrate and rejoice together. Know you are His, and you are ALWAYS welcome. . . and that is an invitation for every moment of every day, wherever you are and whoever you are. He is waiting- door open, feast prepared, and arms outstretched. . . ready to hold you.

A big holiday hug to you this Christmas, from your Lifeline family!

Michelle Staab
Birth Mother Counselor

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