Thursday, December 2, 2010

Domestic Reunions

What are Lifeline Domestic Reunions?

A lifeline domestic reunion is a meeting between a birth mother and an adult adoptee. We offer services for both the adoptee and the birth mother in working toward a reunion.

What is the process of working toward a reunion?

The process begins with an adult adoptee who is seeking information about their birth mother. We talk through many things to consider, one is that the birth mother may not be able to be located or does not want to open the door to making contact with an adoptee. It is very normal for an adoptee to want to know about his or her genetic background. Each person must be aware that opening the door to seeking information could lead to something disappointing, and that finding out something is it worth the emotional risk versus not seeking anything. This is a personal decision.

We have counseling to talk through this process, to try to prepare each person involved as best as possible before they make a decision to meet. This process goes according to the comfort level of both parties involved. There is no certain time frame that we encourage, only that before taking a next step, the person feels ready for that.
We talk about topics like: motives, possible outcomes, and how to talk to your family. We also talk about common relationship stages between an adult adoptee and birth mother, as well as factors that could impact the relationship.

Working toward a reunion is an exciting but emotional time. Two people meeting who are essentially strangers, but relatives. It is an exciting journey, but there are unknowns and each has its own unique story. We also have services to support and educate adoptive parents as they walk through this journey with their child. If you would like more information about our adoption reunions, or would like to begin the reunion process, please contact Sommer Bradshaw at 205-967-0811.

Sommer Bradshaw
Reunion Counselor

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