Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I’m new to blogging. I’m new to Lifeline. I’m a bookkeeper. I know what you are thinking…."What is this girl going to write about if she hangs around numbers all day?” I’m glad you asked…


What a concept but one that I am learning about.

Lack of trust presents itself in many unfortunate ways. Some of which I’m certain can be seen in my life.

To trust God is to release control. Is that hard for anyone else?

Being that I am a bookkeeper, I am predestined to struggle with control. Ha.

What I feel like God is trying to teach me is that I don’t have to put the pressure on myself. To feel that I have control of things because of my own doing is empty. It is wasteful. It isn’t life-giving.

Transition is hard and it takes time. Why is it hard to give grace to everyone but ourselves sometimes?

How does this relate to adoption?

Great question.

It’s all about perspective.Whatever your situation, the act of trusting God is always necessary and yet one of our biggest struggles.

We want to know His thoughts.

We want to know His plans.

We don’t want to be left out of His mission to bring all peoples to Himself.

We want control of our lives.

We want to tell Him what we think He should do.


We always end up here because we will never have all the answers. We’re human.

I feel like God is constantly saying, “Please trust me. Please. I promise I have your back. I promise I know your heart.”

God, thank you for your patience and grace.

Thank you for giving the people around us grace to handle us when we try to seek control.

We love you, God.

Thanks for loving us despite ourselves and our need for control.

Please grant humility and trust.

Lauri Mehaffey

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