Monday, January 23, 2012

Enough for Everyone…Exodus 16:16-20

The concept of “having enough” is a hard one to grasp. I can blame it on my consumer-driven American culture, the contagious nature of materialism, or the unceasing sin of self that draws me back to my own need over and over again. Whatever the root, the truth of the matter is that I often wonder if I’ll have enough. Will I have enough time to complete my “to do” list today? Will we have enough funding for all we have planned this year? Do we have enough staff to handle all the tasks that await us each day? Do I have enough gas in my car to make it home? Enough? Enough? Enough!

“Remember the manna”, I can hear my Dad’s voice saying those wise words as I type, “God always provides enough.”  When the Israelites gathered the manna in the wilderness, some gathered more and some gathered less, but whoever gathered much had nothing left over and whoever gathered little had no lack. Everyone had just enough.

Our good God still gives His manna in lots of different ways. One way that He provided for the Israelites in the Old Testament was through the generosity of others. If one family’s crops produced a great harvest and a neighbor’s crops were damaged by storms, the one with much would share with the one who had little so that everyone had enough. Giving was the glue and helped to hold the community together. The same is true today – and we have the joy of seeing it work itself out in the Lifeline family through the process of adoption. One family is called to adopt, another is called to give on behalf of an adoption. God provides for one, for the specific purpose of giving to another, drawing His people into His plan to accomplish His purposes. And everyone has just enough.

Amid grumbling, fear, and the sin of self, He still gives exactly what we need when we need it. He did in the wilderness, He does today, and He will give the future’s manna the same way. Praise Him from whom all blessings flow – and for calling His people to participate in the blessings He provides!

Kate Anderson, Development Director

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