Tuesday, November 15, 2011


It is official. . . As of last month, I have been a ‘Southern Belle’ for a full year.
The last couple weeks have been a sweet time of reflection. There is also abundant anticipation for all God has in store.
One thing I can testify to: God most certainly is in the business of giving you your heart’s desires. . . He is the one who puts them there. Within His will, and His ways, and His provision and timing and plan- He knows what is best, and when is best.

Trust Him.

Pre-Alabama, I was in Kansas. I had seen God bring families together through adoption- both internationally and domestically. I also had the opportunity to serve and walk beside young women who were pregnant or currently parenting. I knew adoption was of His heart. I also knew these young women needed role models, support, encouragement, and the love and forgiveness of a Savior.

The fruition of these two hearts desires has been a beautiful collision. I have come to know God in such a serious way. . . and I cannot deny. . . my life is His story to shape.

God knew. He knew what it would take to stretch me beyond myself, and help me see life with His eyes. Just recently He gently reminded me. . . “Remember those years of prayers? And standing upon the promise of Jeremiah 29:11 and Proverbs 19:21 and Isaiah 30:18 and Colossians 3:10? Remember how you were not quite sure where I would lead you? Do you see now how all that helped me get you here? You are loved, dear child. And there is more to come.”

I am sure you have also had times in your life when you were able to look at where you were, and realize where He has brought you. There are things you are hoping for, believing for, hurting for, and desperately praying for today. They may be things He laid on your heart long ago, or it may be something that recently broke the surface.

Realize- God may have already answered that prayer. . . you just do not know it yet. You may be praying today for your child. You may not bring that little one home until next year. Maybe it will be three years. Maybe in three days, your case worker will call with the news of a referral, or a birth mother who would like to meet you, or a child who needs a forever family and a home. Maybe you placed a child for adoption 19 years ago tomorrow, and you hope to hear from them soon.

Whatever it is you are praying for- believing for- and hoping for- know this. He already has it answered. I pray you know His love for you today. Be blessed.

Michelle Staab
Birthmother Counselor

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