Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Kentucky Celebration

Imagine for a moment running into an old friend while traveling across the globe . I am sure this reunion would include grinning from ear to ear, big hugs, and laughter. This is what we saw on Saturday at our Lifeline Kentucky Family Reunion and Celebration. We saw children with a friendship that began in an orphanage in Ethiopia playing together again. We heard them laughing. We watched as they crawled into their mommy's and daddy's laps . It was such a wonderful day of fellowship as we celebrated all the sweet children running around and prayed for those who will join our families in the future.

As a Lifeline Staff Member, I loved being able to meet our new families and introduce them to others in the process. As an adoption advocate, I was amazed to see all the families that have been blessed by adoption and all the lives that have been changed. As an adoptive mom who met many of these same children while in Ethiopia picking up our son, I stood in awe of God’s goodness, grace, and love. At our reunion, I was able to see that shy child who would not speak in Ethiopia now running around, laughing like crazy. I was able to see the tiny, underweight baby who I held who is now healthy and thriving. I was able to see several older children who I know sat in an orphanage and wondered, “When will someone come for me?” These same children walked in with their parents as beloved sons and daughters!

It's easy to see from those pictured above why every aspect of our reunion was wonderful! I would definitely say that our first Lifeline Kentucky event was a success and I am looking forward to our next time together. If you are a family that was able to attend, I would love to hear about your favorite part of the day.

Brittney Armstrong
International Adoption Assistant
Lifeline Kentucky

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