Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Money Hurdle: not as big as you might think.

“I hate money.” I stated with fervor from the passenger seat of our rental car. I was with several staff members at a conference in Louisville when the cost of adoption first took its overwhelming toll on my heart and mind. That week, I seemed to be surrounded by families that were willing - but not quite financially able- to adopt. The severity of the orphan crisis was presented in one seminar after the other. Every time I did the math, the bottom-line remained the same – expensive. I was officially in despair.

“What do you mean, you hate money? Money isn’t a bad thing. “, said Dave Wood, our International Director (and resident advisor of all things biblically true). “Yes it is!” I rebutted. “It’s the root of all evil and it’s the reason why so many people can’t adopt. That’s why I hate it.”

He rightly reminded me that it is the love of money that’s the root of all evil – not money itself – and more importantly that we serve a great God who is more passionate about His people adopting His orphans than I will ever be. Moreover, He is the MOST capable of providing the means to that end.

And it’s true. Since that week in Louisville, I’ve witnessed the Lord pour out countless mercies on the people He calls to care for the fatherless - be it in the form of funding, resources, community or otherwise; always at the right time and always in the right way. I’ve discovered (and been encouraged by the fact) that money is rarely, if ever, the reason people don’t adopt. God proves Himself to be Jehovah Jireh time and time again, and as the old adage goes – when he calls you to it [adoption], He will see you through it.

One of the ways He’s seeing people through the adoption process is by way of Julie Gumm. While in Louisville, I had the privilege of sitting in on Julie’s workshop, “Creative Fundraising for your Adoption”. She had my head swimming with thoughts on how to relay all of this information to Lifeline’s adoptive families. Her own adoption story proves that with a little persistence and careful attention you too can be well on your way to bringing your children home. By trimming your existing budget and putting forth a bit of effort to raise money, coupled with grant possibilities and a hefty tax credit, what once was a paralyzing price tag becomes just another step in a beautiful adoption process.

Julie has offered to come to Birmingham to teach Lifeline families how to see adoption through without crippling their finances. We took her up on it immediately! On Saturday, September 10, from 9:30 to noon, all prospective and current Lifeline families are invited to this FREE seminar with Julie Gumm. The event will be held in the Fellowship Hall at Briarwood Presbyterian Church. Seats are filling quickly. Don’t miss out on what could be the catalyst to bringing your child home.

For more information or to reserve your seat, visit or contact Kate Anderson, or 205.967.0811. Special thanks to Aliant Bank for sponsoring this event!

Kate Anderson
Development Director

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