Friday, July 15, 2011

The Truth of Adoption

I was recently invited to lead an adoption workshop at a national conference for workers and volunteers of crisis pregnancy centers. Since this was a large conference, I was admittedly nervous and secretly hoping that my little workshop would be just that – a “little” workshop. Despite my trepidations, I earnestly sought the Lord’s favor for the workshop and prayed specifically that He would place the right people there. Understanding that adoption is often misunderstood, I weighed the possible responses to the topic at hand but chose not to shy away from the truth of this option for women facing unplanned pregnancies.

Fifteen minutes before the workshop, I stood shaking in my sandals, eyeing the door. As the Lord would have it, there was standing room only when the doors finally closed. After making my introductions, my nerves never settled, but the crowd did. They listened intently as I spoke about adoption as a real option for women and one that can end cycles of early pregnancy within families. As anticipated, there were opinions galore in that classroom (one thing I have learned as an adoption educator is there is a lot of work still to do!) Amidst the protests of some people, an attractive, middle-aged lady spoke out against the crowd. Her testimony went something like this:

Sitting through this presentation is bittersweet for me. I aborted my son thirty years ago. But hearing this information today, I wonder if I would have made the same decision then had my counselor shared this with me.

I let out a sigh of relief. There really wasn’t any need for me to add or take away from what she had said. The power of the truth of God’s word is just that - powerful.

Regardless of the initials we have (or don’t have) behind our names, we are all responsible for the truth we’ve been given. And the truth is, God created each of us in His wonderful image. We are “fearfully and wonderfully” made and intended to live lives for His glory. I believe His desire for every woman who walks through the door of our agency, a crisis pregnancy center or abortion clinic is that they would know Him and the abundant life He has promised through Christ. For women who have not experienced open doors and who have been told that their futures are limited because of their circumstances, cultures, or pasts, there is the option of adoption that promises hope and change for them and the lives of their children.

Traci Newell
Education Coordinator

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