Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Father, we long for your glory. It is only through you, we are able to do the work of your hands.


God you are magnificent,
Your truth ever sufficient.
Your glory reigns over all the lands,
Spreading your love through the work of your hands.

How can I express the grace on which I stand?
My words are few and my tears, unplanned.
Your honor is my hope, my purpose, my all.
Teach me to walk with urgency, towards the glory of your call.

The world needs You, Your spirit, Your son,
Show me to live as this sacrificial One.
Called to live a life pointing to You,
Undeserving of your attention, yet participating in what You do.

Your very spirit within me, directs my heart and soul,
Living a life for you, of which I want no control.
Place in me a love for the ones you love,
And break my heart for what breaks Yours above.

For His glory,
Lifeline Staff

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