Thursday, September 1, 2011

What if Your Best

Prospective adoptive couples are ever on my mind and on my heart. God brings them to mind often... so much more often than people would probably expect or even imagine. That being said, when driving one day and listening to the Moody radio program I heard a song that, of course, reminded me of our "waiting couples." The couples that God has led to Lifeline to adopt are these incredible folks that genuinely want God's will. They want God's perfect will for themselves, the birthmother, and her child. They wait. They seek we all should. Read the song below and let Him speak to you.

What If Your Best

I'm trying hard to keep from falling off this wheel
Trying hard to keep so still
As you’re shaping, and remaking
Something new is bound to surface
Something bound to bring you fame
Something sure to make you great
Something you can use
But I am only clay and clay doesn't get to choose

I want your best but what if your best is brokenness
Would I be broken?
I want your best but what if less than what I ask
And what I'm hoping?
What if your best is here in the waiting, here in the going through the motions?
I'll still be trusting all I am, and all have, and nothing less to Potter's hands

I'm trying hard to keep from giving you advice
It’s like teaching Shakespeare how to write
Or Monet, the way to paint another scene
But there's just something in this amateur that thinks
That my opinion's what you need
On how to work in me
But I am only clay, and clay probably shouldn't speak


Take my life and let it be consecrated just to thee
Take my voice and let me sing for you my King
Take my moments and my days and let them flow in ceaseless praise
For You always, for You


Only here for you to mold, I'm holding on, because I belong in Potter's hands

Renee Griffin
Domestic Social Worker

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