Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Heroes--A Message From the International Director

Today I want to pay tribute to the greatest heroes in the world. None of them has held public office, flown in space, invented a new product, or played on a professional ball club. No, their tireless and mostly unseen work is hammered out in somewhat over-crowed offices. The masterpiece they produce will never make it on a Best Seller List, but their diligently crafted works will allow some unwanted, unloved, uncared for, forgotten by everybody orphan an opportunity to be loved and cherished by a forever mom and dad. Your cares, as adoptive parents, are their concerns. The team that I am blessed to work with isn’t motivated by a paycheck or even a pat on the back. They are committed to a grand cause that has arrested their passions, their talents, and their very lives.. to rescue orphans in their distress – James 1:27.

As the International Director for Lifeline Children’s Services I get the unique opportunity of seeing these heroes, my personal heroes, up close every day. From my front row seat I see their steady, confident leadership and wise counsel to families. All the while a swirl of activity is transpiring all around them. The number of plates that are being spun at any given moment leaves you breathless and somewhat in awe. Their ideas and ideals are stamped on every process and policy that makes Lifeline a truly special agency and ministry. At their core, these social workers are fierce and unrelenting advocates for “the least of these”, believing that each child is merely Jesus in disguise.

A great saint once said, “Do not think that love, in order to be genuine, has to be extraordinary. What we need is to love without getting tired.” At Lifeline we have a team whose love for children and families is both extraordinary and resilient.. I’m grateful! Because of this I believe our team can accomplish so many great things against an enormous array of the world’s most despicable ills. Just think.. it only took one young monk to begin the Protestant reformation, just one young explorer to discover the New World, just one young President, Thomas Jefferson, to proclaim that all men are created equal, and just one Shepard boy to slay an indomitable giant. What fantastic things have been done and will be done by my heroes who are equally committed!

The sun has long since faded into night as I pack up to leave the office. Making my rounds to turn off the lights I walk down hallways with pictures of hundreds of children, perhaps even thousands, each of them being embraced by their new mom’s and dad’s. For the numberless task that made each of these “miracles” a reality I salute my heroes. Your enduring cause for a hope that still lives and a dream that never dies makes this long day and all that will follow worth it.. thank you!

Dave Wood
International Director

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